Insight & Analytics

DM Group offers comprehensive direct marketing insight and analytics services to provide organizations with the ability to make sound, data-driven decisions for their direct marketing campaigns.

Through our services, businesses are provided with a direct platform to improve results analysis activities, as well as measure the effectiveness of direct campaigns in order to optimize performance and maximize return on investment.

Furthermore, our in-depth reporting capabilities provide additional insights into what direct strategies are producing the highest returns. Our mission is to give you the tools to drive better decision-making and increase response rates through direct marketing solutions!

At DM Group, our Data Insight & Solutions Center team is capable of transforming the data you supply into decision-making intelligence and bottom-line growth. Our experts are well equipped to meet your need for precise geographic/demographic segmentation using GeoInsightâ„¢, create direct mail models with a national consumer database through DirectChoiceâ„¢, generate CRM (Customer Resource Management) solutions, devise purposeful response segments/tests as part of marketing campaigns - all while providing incisive program or campaign analytics based on results obtained from such activities!

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