Multi-Channel Marketing

At DM Group, we understand the changing marketing landscape and offer data-driven, integrated multi-channel solutions to empower our clients to reach audiences more effectively than ever.

Our full suite of services includes direct mail, email, digital marketing, and social media advertising, all utilized through our proprietary technology platform that allows data-driven decisions backed by marketing automation and a deep well of data analysis. Through this powerful combination, we help our clients build lasting relationships with their customers and drive long-term comprehensive success.

Our Agency team offers businesses a comprehensive toolkit to optimize their audience development and targeting. With our data integration, contacts can be managed more effectively for multi-touch campaigns that are configured to deliver the most impactful media touches at optimal timing and frequency levels.

Our powerful campaign measurement capabilities provide key insights into performance across channels with triggers, goal setting/tracking options as well as detailed contact scoring metrics; delivering engaging reports along the way!

Looking to create an integrated marketing campaign?

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